Summary of
"GIERSING - Maler. Kritiker. Menneske."

September 1995 saw the appearance of Lennart Gottlieb's book about Harald Giersing, titled "GIERSING - Maler. Kritiker. Menneske" ("GIERSING - Painter. Critic. Person"). Please refer to the reviews (in Danish) to read how the press welcomed it. On the following pages you can read a summary of the book which has been reproduced with the kind permission of the publishing company, Gyldendal. The summary has been translated by Glyn Jones.
1. Foreword
2. Upbringing, creativity and love
3. To be master of oneself
4. The pretty and the proper
5. En route for Paris
6. In Paris
7. Offensive temerity
8. Nudes
9. Debut as critic and organiser
10. Giersing brings it off
11. Before the looking-glass and the others
12. Landscape problems
13. Art and career
14. The modernist who plays and dances
15. In the magic cave
16. Summers in Svanninge
17. Defeat after defeat
18. In black
19. Polychrome retreat
20. Afterword.